Oivan Ilo

Oivan Ilo is a Boston-area band that plays traditional Finnish folk music.

Oivan Ilo ("Oiva's Joy") was named for Oiva Anderson, who was from the small New Hampshire town of New Ipswich, where he grew up speaking Finnish at home. At first, his daughters had a small family group that played the traditional Finnish folk music, and they called themselves Oivan Tytöt (Oiva's Daughters). But as other friends got involved, including a few males, the name because less and less appropriate. Oiva suggested Oivan Ilo shortly before he died, so that's the group's name now.

In the summer of 2002, we recorded a number of Oiva's (and our) favorite tunes and we are organizing them into a cd. Meanwhile, you can listen to them if you have software that plays MP3..